Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"Exit Through the Gift Shop"

The list of Academy Award nominees came out this morning. As in most years, I have only seen a few of the nominees. In previous years I would be making a beeline to the theater over the next few weeks to see as many as I could before Oscar Night. Nowadays, however, there is that little thing called "Netflix" which is my gateway to hard-to-find movies like those nominated for Best Documentary or Best Foreign Film. A few selections are already available on dvd and even a couple are on demand. Tonight I watched a Best Documentary nominee which is the subject line. I must say that I absolutely loved it! The movie starts out as a documentary about street art which I can be lukewarm about since some is just out and out graffiti vandalism while some is really really good. The movie then evolves into a documentary about the documentarian and how fickle and shallow the world of art really is. I found it utterly fascinating! I haven't seen any of the other nominees (yet), but this is in the lead right now. I have watched most of the nominees from previous years and this has the interesting backstory which could make it a winner. Sometimes documentaries get so full of themselves because the story they are telling is seemingly so important. The subject may be important, but if the story is muddled, the importance gets lost. And now I need to re-watch "Inception" to figure out just what the hell I had watched.
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