Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Another Snow Day

I decided to stay home again today. I got mixed signals as to whether I was supposed to go in or not. Our official policy is to follow the lead of the public schools. They canceled. While watching the 300+ closings and delays scrolling across the bottom of the screen, however, I saw our agency listed as "2-hour delay." Well...which was it? Closed or 2-hour delay? Last night the schools were only supposed to be on a 2-hour delay, but they changed their tune later. Did our office send out their delay based on that earlier notification from the school? *shrugs* I consider my base covered since I am following official office policy. If they want me at work, my boss can call me and tell me different.

BTW, I took Mesa for his walkies last night and got to experience the bitter cold. Yikes! I had icicles on my mustache by the time I got home. It's even colder today, so it will be time to break out the scarf. I'm glad we'll be back in the 50's by the weekend.
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