Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


I was going to write this review for tomorrow's LJ post, but decided to put it down in writing tonight before the effects wear off. Tonight's movie is the title in the subject line. It's a Greek film up for Best Foreign Language film this year. It's available on demand from Netflix. My review to Netflix was "This is what a David Lynch adaptation of 'The Village' would look like." I have seen many movies over the past 30+ years, and this film is right near the top of the "Most Fucked Up" category. The plot is almost too convoluted to describe. It's like a 90-minute version of the old Steve Martin joke where he thought it would be hysterical to talk wrong whenever you're around a baby. That way on his first day of school he would ask the teacher if he could mambo dogface to the banana patch. This film just drips pretentiousness as many reviewers resorted to that old standby retort to the naysayers "You just don't understand it!" On the plus side, there were some pretty good sex scenes bordering on hard core pornography. On the minus side there is a graphic depiction of a killing of a cat. Watch this movie either drunk, stoned, or both. Better yet, avoid it all together.
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