Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Thank You, Joe Jackson

Even though I hate to show it, I guess I am a romantic. I wanted to do something nice for Kitty last night, but was not sure what to do. She had dropped hints that a steak dinner would be nice, and while the weather has warmed up to make outdoor grilling a possibility, the still-frozen steak made an alternative plan a necessity. I had planned on going to Costco to pick up some stuff anyway when the inspiration hit me; a single line from an old Joe Jackson song, "It's All Too Much."

"What shall we do this evening?
Send out for some sushi and champagne?"

*ding* That actually sounded really good, and I knew that Costco had both.
So when Kitty got home from her class at around 7:30 I surprised her at the door with a dozen roses and a glass of champagne. We then pigged out on a small tray of sushi. For dessert she surprised me with a small chocolate cake decorated with a bear and kitty hugging. THAT'S how you do Valentine's Day right!
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