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Santa Claws

Groucho: Just sign here
Chico: Whats this?
Groucho: It's just a formailty. It's in every contract. It says your mentally sound. A sanity clause.
Chico: Oh you can't fool me! There is no such thing as sanity clause.
---"A Night at the Opera"

So today I played Santa. I volunteered for Animal Humane so that people could have their pet's photo taken with jolly old elf for a donation. I worked from 10 until 3. I had to switch from fursuiter mode into Santa mode. Yes, it was o.k. for me to talk to people. No, I didn't have to do exagerated motions. I really hated the beard. I would haven rather had a nice, large, foam head. Maybe next year I can do it in a dog suit.

And now, here's what I looked like

I look like Dan Ackroyd in "Trading Places." Bad Santa? I do much better in a fursuit. was a slow day. There were probably only about 10 people the whole day. I spent much of the time waving to cars going down the street. I got LOT of waves and honks. Once again, I would have rather been in a bearsuit. Oh well. I did my bit.
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