Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Best Animated Short

Tonight we hit up the local art house cinema to see the 5 films nominated for Best Animated Short for this year's Oscars. Yeah. I'm really obsessing over this whole Academy Awards thing *lol* I've been doing it for years. So here are my reviews.

"Day & Night" -- From Pixar. Visually it was incredible. The technical aspects of this film were mind blowing. While it was incredible, it wasn't my favorite.

"The Gruffalo" -- This is my pick for the winner. OK. It has lots of cute talking animals so it wins the Furry vote. I was blown away by the voice talents they got for this pic credited to Germany. Helena Bonham Carter! Tom Wilkinson! Robbie Coletrane! John Hurt!!!

"Let's Pollute" -- The animation was pretty basic, but the plot was wonderfully satirical. It's a PSA on how we all have to do our part to promote the American Way of life by using and throwing away as much stuff as possible.

"The Lost Thing" -- From Australia. The animation was ok, but the plot was very whimsical. I really enjoyed this film for its storytelling. The ending was something out of Pepperland from "Yellow Submarine"

"Madagascar" -- No funny animals dancing to "You've Got To Move It" in this film. It's an animated travelogue of a Frenchman in the title country. The plot was so-so, but the director gets lots of kudos for using just about every animation style out there.

There were a couple of "honorable mentions" as well. The pretty funny "The Cow Who Wanted to Be A Hamburger"

And the very sad and poignant "Urs"
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