Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Mandatory Oscar Post

I just spent another 3+ hours of my life watching the Academy Awards. It has been an annual tradition of mine since the 70's. I still remember being so pissed off that "Star Wars" didn't win Best Picture. I know much better now. I'm happy that I got to see some of the more obscure nominations as I have been posting about over the past few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to see that "The Lost Thing" won Best Animated Short. While the furry bias would have preferred "The Gruffalo," it was very well deserved. "The Love God" was a good live-action short, but I thought the others were a little better. I'm looking forward to seeing "Inside Job" which won Best Documentary. It's available on Netflix in just over a week. Congrats to Randy Newman for winning "Best Song." 20 nominations to date?!? That's one talented songwriter! I was also happy to see "The Social Network" win for Best Score. Trent Reznor cleans up very nicely! Kitty and I just happened to have watched "The Wolfman" the other night which won for Best Make-Up. If I wasn't a furry with a transformation fetish I probably would have hated it even more than I did. It was also nice that there was no drama at this year's awards. A few speeches went on for a little too long, but nothing horrendous. Overall I thought the show itself sucked. They need to bring back some entertaining talent like a Billy Crystal or Alec Baldwin. Oh, and bringing on Kirk Douglas to present an award was just friggin' painful. It was worse that watching Dick Clark on New Year's Eve. It's a good thing the guy is still so classy that he could pull it off. Oh, and Lucas and Coppola....DO SOMETHING! You're an embarrassment that you haven't done ANYTHING over the past couple of decades except get fat!
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