Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Let Them Eat Cake

But the cake is a lie!

I'm finding that the older I'm becoming, the more of a liberal hippie I'm also starting to become. Quite the opposite of the norm! I was going to write a post about my feelings about Libya, but then I also wanted to write something about the documentary "Inside Job" which I watched last night. I then realized that the 2 were related. It is the simple age-old fact that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What is happening around the world is nothing new and will probably continue to go on as long as humans remain to be greedy sons a bitches.

Look at the recession which we are (hopefully) climbing out of. We only had 10% unemployment. What if we were more like some of these poor Middle Eastern countries with >20% unemployment? You have people living on the streets at the same time that a few live in palaces. Can you blame the poor for wanting to revolt? Like I said, this type of thing goes back to the French Revolution. Haven't the filthy rich learned any sort of lesson? There is nothing wrong with being successful and making a lot of money, but what about fairness? The mofos in the banking industry who made millions in the real estate debacle produced NOTHING! They weren't like Getty who made steel or Rockefeller who produced oil, they did nothing to better this country!

I think the reason we don't have mass protests in the streets is because we have not reached that tipping point of anger and frustration. We're content with our bread and circuses of Dollar Menus and American Idol. The Republican Party/Tea Baggers have also done a great job in hypnotizing their constituency. It's laughable to see Billy Bob living in his trailer yelling about how taxes shouldn't be raised because being "middle class" means you are making $250,000/yr. Obama is just as guilty, however, because his cabinet is full of more rich bastards who don't want to see any reform either.

I guess I still have that idealistic spark that America could be the shining example to the world. We should be cheering on countries where the populace has said "enough is enough" but yet we're not all that far away from being in a similar situation. We still have our freedoms, but I can see how they can so easily be taken away or corrupted by the powers that be. Wouldn't it be a little easier to just treat people with dignity now as opposed to letting things blow up later. end rant.
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