Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

More Alaska Stuff

I had a marathon Internet session on Saturday trying to put the finishing touches on the August Alaska trip. I was on one computer making flight reservations for 5 people while scritchwuff was next to me on another computer booking his reservations for the same flights. Elsewhere around the country albear, dexter_fox, and quentincoyote were all doing the same. Like I wrote about on Friday, I had a bitch of a time getting my sister, bro-in-law, and mom home after the cruise. Flights either left at 10am which was too early, or they left after 10pm. There was one option that had them flying to Chicago before heading back to ABQ. *lol* I suppose I could have booked that flight for my mom, but stupid me had just booked a flight for her from my sister's place. *facepaws* In the end they have a red-eye which puts them back in ABQ in the early morning, but that works out ok since they then have a 4-hour drive home. For Kitty, Scritch, and I, we found an afternoon flight a few days later that gets us back before midnight. Of course we were paranoid about layovers. I wanted to make sure that if the airline screwed us over, there would be some sort of option to get us to Vancouver before the cruise departed. Of course we were also paranoid about lost luggage as well. doG damn the airline industry!

So now I am looking into various excursions once we get to our ports of call. I would definitely love to take the Yukon and White Pass Railway since I am the train nut. I think it would be a nice relaxing trip for my mom as well. I'm just hoping that it would also give us some free time in Skagway because I DO want to fursuit there. I'm also thinking about going fishing in Juneau. I'm not a fisherman, but I am a bear who loves fish! I went halibut fishing once about 20 years ago and caught 2 very nice fish (and got wonderfully seasick as well!). Halibut is selling for about $20/lb so catching a couple 20 pounders would just about pay for the excursion. I actually wouldn't mind catching one of those 200 pounders that have been caught up there in the past. $4000 worth of fish would just about pay for the entire cruise. *lol*
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