Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Last week one of our local weathermen popped up a graphic that made my jaw drop. I knew things were bad in the state when it came to this year's developing drought, but not THAT bad. ABQ had not seen measurable (>0.01") rain in over 55 days! Things were even more grim down south where Carlsbad hadn't had rain in 155 days! What is this, western Chile or Namibia?!? I have been watching mountain snowpack numbers go down and down while nothing is reaching the rivers. The forecast is for near-record high temps today and tomorrow followed by intense dry winds. Things are getting VERY bad! We're already releasing water to keep the river continuous. Normally that occurs in July. The irrigation district called for water today but didn't want any to be released from their storage. I had to remind them that what they are asking for exceeds the amount available. Ooops! So please send some of that snow from the East Coast back this way! We'll also take some of that record snowpack in the Sierras. As for La Nina...GTFO, bitch!
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