Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Birfday Surprises

Yesterday was interesting. I had a very nasty surprise when we got a call from the Fish and Wildlife Service saying we had dried 9 miles of river sometime Thursday or perhaps as early as Wednesday. Ooops! We weren't supposed to do that until June 15. I had warned people that we were at the knife edge but things appeared to be steady. I guess with the trees suddenly leafing out along the river it caused a sudden demand on the shallow groundwater which hadn't been there a week before. While the hornets' nest was kicked, I responded by going out to lunch with a co-worker. *lol* I know better than to be around a clusterfrack. When I returned I calmly upped the release from one reservoir and called in a request for an increase from the Corps' reservoir. It was amazing how willing and cooperative the irrigation district became as well as the wildlife refuge when we told them that we were all in a world of shit unless action was taken IMMEDIATELY. Last week all they cared about were their own little issues. It's amazing what the threat of a lawsuit can do! I was so sick of playing little games. Eyes turned to me when it was asked why a contract wasn't in place where we would have had people on the river monitoring it on a daily basis. I told them that last year we had a contract in place about 3-4 weeks after I submitted my requisition. This year we were now at week 6 with nothing in place. It hadn't been on the contracting official's critical list. He inadvertently dug his own grave when he said that things could be done in a couple of days. If it was so easy, why didn't you do that 2-3 weeks ago? Last year we had a contracting official who was grumpy and unliked, but he got stuff done. Now he's retired. Newer guy (who was on vacation last year) wanted all of the i's dotted and t's crossed which he could have easily done himself but instead wasted weeks by constantly sending things back to me for minor bureaucratic changes which would have taken him seconds to correct. *shrugs*

Things improved greatly when I arrived home to find greetings from the IRS. Oh no. What did I screw up this year? It turns out I once again forgot a nice fat tax deduction that they caught. I thought the "Making America Work" credit was for low-income people. Turns out it was for middle-income folks like me! Instead of owing a bit I ended up with a little refund! *ka-ching*

Finally things got even better as Kitty, Scritch, Ari, Nikki, and Joe all took me out to dinner at the local "meat faucet." Oh man! They almost had to roll me out of the place! My body's "full meter" is delayed. I decided to stop when I hit "full" which was actually "OMG piggy full." Food coma hit with a vengeance, but I managed to stay awake long enough to have everyone over to Furcentral for a nightcap. Joe had given me a nice bottle of corn whiskey from a small distillery in Colorado. OMG was that stuff smooth! We all did shots around the patio table outside. Ah! The perfect way to end the day.
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