Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Cake Fail

I decided to get motivated this year and make the traditional lamb cake. For a reference photo, see last year's post. I was very happy last year because everything seemed to work beautifully except for perhaps over-baking it slightly. This year was a comedy of errors.

My first failure happened as I was creaming the butter. I had mistakenly bought blocks of butter at Costco instead of sticks. I misinterpreted "1 cup" with "1 pound." As I tasted the batter, I thought, "Hmmmm. Tasty, but REALLY buttery!" D'oh! I had doubled the butter! This was easily fixed by doubling the rest of the recipe. It's essentially a pound cake, so I would just make a square cake or cupcakes with the extra. Now, how much do I add to the mold? D'oh! I forgot. Do I fill one side or both. I think only one. No wait. What did I do last year? Duh. So I filled one side and put a little bit in the other before combining them. Wrong! It ended up oozing all over the cookie sheet while baking. OK. Now how should I correct the time/temperature to make sure it doesn't burn? I'll bake it for an hour at 350 instead of 375. Meh. It seemed to be underdone. Oh well. Time to make the frosting. It was getting close to dinner time when guests would be arriving so I had to hurry! I made a flour/water mixture which is key to getting the butter and sugar to form a tasty frosting. I was supposed to chill the mixture which I had neglected due to the time constraint. Bad move. The frosting never set which left me a partially congealed mess. I threw the bowl into the sink and flushed it down the garbage disposal. Kitty came to the rescue and whipped up another batch from a recipe she found online. I frosted the little guy up and coated it with coconut. Salvaged!

The story then ends with friends enjoying a ham dinner but everyone getting so stuffed that no one wants lamb cake for dessert. *facepaws*
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