Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Family Drama

Greetings from Carlsbad, NM. I have 2 days worth of Otto the Otter gigs starting tomorrow. I love getting paid to fursuit! Unfortunately there has been some shit going on which has tempered my mood. Normally my life is drama free. It just changed.

Usually I talk to my mom on the phone every Sunday. We basically just check up on one another to make sure that everything is fine. I didn't get a call on Sunday. Hmmmm. No big deal. Perhaps she went to see a play or something. I called her on Monday and was dismayed to hear this hoarse, coughing, old lady. I got even more concerned when she seemed to get confused and couldn't complete sentences. I started quizzing her to see if she was perhaps taking some new medication. She constantly kept shifting from moments of clarity to moments of confusion. I was getting worried. She said she had talked to the doctor that day, but everything seemed to be fine except for a very bad cold. I told her that I would talk to her tomorrow and then called my sister to relay my concerns. We decided to tag-team calling her the next day. We would each assess her condition.

The next day she didn't sound much different. I was shocked to hear that she had actually driven herself to the store but also happy that she had the strength to do so. She still sounded confused at times and her voice was still raspy.

Today things took a sharp turn. Neither myself nor my sister could get ahold of her. Finally my sister got word from a friend of our mother that she was now in the hospital. WUH?!? After a series of frantic calls I finally got ahold of her in the hospital. She still sounded bad, but her main concern was that she hadn't had any food in hours. It turned out her brother brought her there after talking with her doctor. I called my uncle to find out WTF was going on. The smug SOB made it sound like it was no big thing. Instead of trying to contact my sister or me, he sent out important news that our mother was in the hospital with an email. I wanted to slap the mofo so hard! I think he has this attitude that we don't care about our mother because we are both 1000+ miles away while he and his brother are only 10 miles away.

The bad news was that my mom probably came down with pneumonia again. The good news is that because she hasn't been getting a full amount of oxygen due to labored breathing, it probably has been making her disoriented. Phew. I had feared the worst that she had potentially had a stroke or this was some early stage of dementia. Perhaps it was something as simple as not having enough O2.

So we will keep hoping for the best. Hopefully she will get some antibiotics to clear up her lungs and she will once again get back to her old self. Unfortunately the damage has already been done between the relationship between my sister and I and our uncle. We have been keeping mom in the barrio of Cicero because she has all of her ties there. But when the shit hits the fan and her friends can't help her because they're worse off than she is and her brothers act all holier-than-thou and have more important things to worry about like the marriage of their grandkid, then maybe she needs to be closer to her kids who really do care a whole bunch about her and CAN take care of her if push comes to shove. The Gov't is very liberal when it comes to granting leave to take care of a sick/ailing family member. Gah! I really hate this stuff.
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