Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Entry #2083

I missed an important annifursary! May 14, 2003...the day that I started an LJ account! 8 friggin' years! I never thought I would last this long! It certainly is an interesting read as I have walked down the path of self-discovery. I was a much more drunk and angsty bear 8 years ago. I'm much more settled now although I still enjoy having the "mystique" of being the drunk bear of the fandom. *lol* It certainly has been an interesting time. I wish I had started this at least a year before I did as I fully immersed myself in this crazy thing called "furry" while also dealing with the death of my dad. Heck, I wish I could have documented those lonely tortuous days of my mid-20's, but then again, if I had such a wonderful collection of online friends back then, things might have turned out so much different. *shrugs* Oh well. I am here now and here's to 8 more years unless the Ruskis totally fuck this thing up.
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