Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Disaster on the Way

Since we're all talking about wild and whacky weather in the light of recent tornadoes and flooding, I thought I would be one of the first to sound the alarm about potential flooding in pretty much most of the West. Well, never mind New Mexico unless we get some nasty big monsoon rains in July and August. Hopefully local news stations in places like Salt Lake City have already put out the word that there is a shitload of snow up in the mountains that is gonna come off in a big way in the next few weeks. While we languished in bone-dry conditions here in NM, other western states were getting dumped on by record amounts of snow. Due to an unusually cool Spring, much of the snow is still sitting there up high. Many basins are 300-400% above normal for this time of year. So I'm just giving everybody a heads up that there will probably be stories breaking in the national media in a few weeks of record flooding in Utah, Montana, and Colorado. For all of you boaters out there, Lake Powell is expected to rise about 40 feet this year which halfway fills up the reservoir from where it's at currently.
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