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Weekend Potpouri

Another weekend is nearly over. It started off on a rollercoaster Saturday morning as I set up my Xmas tree. I was stupid in playing melancholy jazz while hanging lights and ornaments. I kept thinking about my dad who spent the last Christmas of his life in the hospital. I managed to shake the blues long enough to call the manager of the theater for which I worked the opening of Brother Bear. I had pictures of the event for her and wanted to get them to her. She was working that night, so she suggested I drop them off and get a free screening of Brother Bear while I was at it. How could I refuse? I went to the 5:00 showing and thoroughly enjoyed it again (for free! hehe). There were quite a few people in the theater, but I still enjoyed a good cry.

When I returned home I had a few drinks. I began chatting away in my usual fashion. I yerfed with dabber for quite a while when I issued my challenge to him. Come up right now and see me! An hour later there was a knock at my door. Much snuggling ensued.

Today, I played Santa again. It was a pain in the rear, but I did my part. Once again there weren't that many people, but I still got in some good canine snuggles. As I was leaving the shop where the photo shoot was happening, I noticed a lovely leather collar with small metal SW designs attached. I couldn't resist, so I bought it. I will be stylin' at FC! I tried to explain Further Confusion to the shop owner, but I don't think she quite comprehended the whole furry thing *shrugs*.

So now I am ready to start a new week. Hopefully there will be many pleasant surprises!
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