Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

You May Already Be A Weiner

This is not really a political rant. It's more like a rant against stupidity. I usually don't take sides when a political scandal erupts because, as I have just stated, stupidity is universal. I may rant against Republicans a little more because there is usually more hypocrisy involved. Republicans tend to beat the drum about "family values" a lot more, so it's doubly damaging to then be caught in the sack with an aide or a hooker. They also rally against the "gay agenda" while later giving blowjobs to twinks in the men's room.

My biggest complaint about this whole "Weinergate" is the sheer stupidity on how the whole thing has been handled by him. His constituents seem to have the right idea in saying that he was a moron for doing what he did, but they stand behind him because overall he has done a good job for them. That sounds pretty fair. He comes off looking like a bigger idiot, however, when he makes statements that he is going to seek professional help. LOLWut?!? Since when does a person need "professional help" for doing something stupid? Don't you dare use the "sex addict" excuse. That's about the lamest thing I have ever heard.

I know it's not in a politicians mindset to ever tell the truth, but for once I would just love to hear a politician say, "Yeah, I screwed up. I was horny and thinking with my dick. Sorry. I guess I am the first guy in history to have ever done that." Of course the media is all over this in a feeding frenzy, but we as the public should get the message out that we just don't care! Most of us really like sex! Sex is fun! The age of "sexting" is here! Enjoy it! Stop being so goddamned puritanical! It's not an "epidemic." Face it! We like looking at "dirty" pictures. We've been doing it for ages. It's just that now we don't have to spend $5 to look at it and hide it where our parents won't find it.

The only "crime" I see here is if he was harassing women by sending the photos after they told him to stop or he sent the pics totally unsolicited as in having a normal conversation and then *bam!* Porn! That might just be more of a sign of a creep, however, as opposed to a criminal. *shrugs* Like I said, I'm more frustrated with the attitude that sex is still something dirty and shameful in most of its forms. There's also the attitude that no one out there is doing the things that the congressman did. "Hey Kettle, did you know that you were black?" "Why yes, Mr Pot!"
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