Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Garden Update

It has been about a month and a half since the garden went in. So far, so good. There have been 3 casualties so far; 2 zucchinis and 1 cucumber. I think the zuke just didn't get enough water. The ones that died were on the far side of the mound which meant they probably didn't get the full effect of the sprinkler. The cuke got munched by something. I'm guessing either rodent or bird. A couple of its neighbors also got chewed on, but they have survived so far. The tomatoes are going gangbusters. I already have some fruit forming on a few plants. The eggplants are chugging along after struggling for the first few weeks. Peppers are a mixed bag. Some are doing a lot better than others. A few even have little buds beginning to form.

There must be some trigger point where plants really begin to thrive. Most of the veggies I planted are warm-weather-philic. I know I said that it's usually safe to plant around Mother's Day, but we still get cool evenings down into the upper 30's/lower 40's. We have been having daytime highs in the 90's with nights in the 50's/60's which seems to make the plants very happy. I'm also watering the bejeebus out of everything because the air has been just so dry. There's still no hint of the monsoon. I'll start to worry in about 2 weeks if we don't start seeing some moisture streaming up from the south.
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