Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The REAL AlbuFURque IX Report

The bottom line was that the furmeet was a huge success. I was once again able to bring furry goodness to the folks of NM who perhaps had never been to a con or even have never even met a fellow fur in real life. We had about 63 people in attendance which was the same as last year. Unfortunately quite a few people had work or other commitments. On the good side we did have somewhere between 11 and 13 fursuiters at various times. I was once again able to get some folks into a suit for the 1st time.

I had bought 2 big packages of hamburgers and 2 Costco-sized packages of hot dogs. I cooked up about half of them and it took quite a while for them to get eaten. Why? Because some awesome friends brought green chile stew, tater tot casserole, and red beans and rice. We had asked that people bring something to share and boy, did they! Even folks who had never attended a furmeet in their life really came through. Everyone got nicely stuffed. Eventually the dogs and burgers got consumed. Around midnight Kitty said she wanted a hot dog. She asked if anyone else would like one, and paws shot up. There I was cooking up the rest of the burgers and dogs at 12:00a. They all disappeared in minutes.

Overall it was a typical gathering. There were movies on the big screen followed by a Rock Band session followed by more movies. A collection of artists formed on the patio, and there was much sketching. The smokers congregated around the one ashtray towards the back of the yard. Of course there was lots and lots of socialization. The best story I heard was that a newbie who had never hung out with fellow furs before almost didn't make it. He saw the huge collection of cars on the street and got nervous. He drove around the block a few times before finally getting the courage to come on in. By the time he left he had felt totally at home. BAM! That's what it's all about! That's why I do this! I also had some help from deviantvixen's mate, Joe, who pulled shy furs into conversations. I have received so many nice compliments on the NM Furry group. I'm glad the party was that much of a success.

Big shout outs go to anjel_kitty and her roommate, Jen. Jen was amazing in cranking out "staff" badges for a lot of us. I also got a wonderful "feral" badge from her. Anjel was great in bringing a whole bunch of hoops for people to play/experiment with in the yard. In previous years chaysefox made the long drive from Utah to attend. This year he was living with us, so we put him to work. He was a huge help! Many thanks to our "rock" scritchwuff who is always there to help us out. Thanks to his extra chairs, people actually had places to sit. His mint plant also sacrificed many leaves to keep us supplied with mint juleps. Big hugs to deviantvixen and Joe for also helping out a lot.

Also, the Lamp of Love was brought out and lit for the meet. We're still waiting to see if its magic powers worked on some couple who might eventually hook up.

Oh yeah! Pics!

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