Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Go To Meeting?!? Go To Hell!

Shoot me! I have 3 training sessions today concerning contract administration. This is complete and utter bullshit since at one time we had a contracting department that was in charge of most aspects of contract admin. Someone had the bright idea that we should de-centralize the functions and have more of the "on the ground" people be responsible for contracting. This was full of fail because now instead of having one person who knew everything about contracting we have dozens of people who know something about contracting but it's not our main job. The requirements to maintain certification are incredibly burdensome especially since it's on top of everything else we need for our "regular" jobs.

Rather than have an instructor teach just this office, they employed the technique of remote learning where there is an instructor at some office somewhere and a whole bunch of other offices are linked in via some Internet connection where we can all see the same Powerpoint presentation. It was the most ineffective way of teaching a training class I have ever experienced! Even though we have a huge projection screen and I was sitting in the front of the class, I could not read the screen. Whoever was running the class did not maximize her screen. Sure, we had handouts of the presentation, but when she started going through some steps in a demonstration, no one had any idea what she was clicking on or typing. I noticed most of the people in the room were either doing something else, zoning out, or having personal conversations. It was just horrible!

I have 2 more sessions to go. If I start to get sleepy, I'm just going to give in and take a nap.
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