Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Thank You, Delta! More Lube Next Time, Plz!

I received a call on my cell this morning from an unknown number. I ignored it. A little while later I get a voicemail. OK, who was it? It was Sahib from Delta Airline speaking barely audible Engrish telling me my flight from Alaska next month had been changed. I thought I heard a few words that caused me great concern. We called scritchwuff, who had the same itinerary as us, to see if he had received an email. All I heard on the other end was cursing. It looked like Delta changed his flight so that he arrived in Salt Lake after his flight to ABQ had departed. I finally checked email and saw that Delta also did a number on us as well. Instead of leaving at 2p and going through Salt Lake, they had us departing at 11p and going through Minneapolis. We get home 12 hours later than previously scheduled. Overall the change is not horrible, but the one and only reason why we scheduled this flight was the convenient departure time and the ability to get home on the same day. I checked their timetable and they are jacking around a shit-ton of flights. It looks like we could still make a Salt Lake connection, but we would have less than an hour to change planes. That's probably why they scheduled us the way they did. I'm also pissed that instead of sleeping in my own bed on Sunday night, I will now be stuck trying to catch some Zzzz'z on a red-eye. Maybe I can bitch them out to try to get some sort of upgrade.

EDIT: Called Delta and got a refund. I was hoping for a bump up to 1st class, but they were more willing to just give me refund. *shrugs* Booked with Frontier for a lower price and a better itinerary.
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