Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

4th of July Furmeet

Seeing that we had over 30 people show up to FurCentral for the 4th, alternate names for the party included AlbuFURque V9.1 or AlbuFURque '11, pt 2. It was a pretty damn good time if I do say so myself. We went through a whole bag of hot wings from Costco (OMG tasty!), a ton of chips left over from AlbuFURque, as well as a half box of taquitos. I also grilled up a few packages of Hebrew Nationals while Kitty made 2 batches of her now-famous mac-n-cheese. I had also made a pot of baked beans the evening before. There was much noming and lots of good conversation. Fireworks were very anemic this year due to the extreme fire danger as well as a lot of stores doing a voluntary embargo on the sale of fireworks. We lit up a few sparklers which was about it.
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