Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"The Zookeeper" - review

Last night I went to a special sneak peak of the new movie found in the subject line. I went for two reasons; 1)I'm a furry and it had anthropomorphic animals and 2) it was free. My short review uses reason 2. "It was free and yet I still think I paid too much."

There were a couple of things which should have raised some serious red flags. First, it was written by Adam Sandler. Second, it had a PG rating. Therein lies the biggest problem. It was aimed more at kids so the jokes/gags were lame and infantile and the romance which supposedly takes place between people in their 30's is more like romance in junior high. When an adult acts as stupidly as the main character does, you almost hope that bad things happen to them for being so stupid. Some of the scenes looked and felt like live-action "Madagascar." The animal characters were flat and uninspiring. Usually I give a film at least one star based on its "furriness." I can't even really do that for this mess. About the only character that I gave a damn about was the gorilla which was the only bright spot. Product placement in this film bordered on obscene. Red Bull is splashed EVERYWHERE! The animal characters are supposed to be as smart as humans, so why does a lioness almost choke to death trying to eat a Red Bull can? TGIFridays also must have paid big bucks to be featured so prominently into the plot. With that being said, however, the scene at the restaurant was probably the best scene in the whole movie as the gorilla poses as a fursuiter. There are a few fursuiting-related gags that made me smile. BTW, it was interesting to try to figure out what was CGI and what was a suit. I'm pretty sure the gorilla was a suit since they showed it falling down in an outtake. If was a truly incredible suit!

There were a couple of bears in the movie as well, but I felt as if their talent was wasted. A more interesting plot would have been to have had the bears as gay characters. I thought they were going to go that route when one made a comment about "a girlfriend in Canada" which is a song sung by one of the closeted characters in "Avenue Q." No such luck.

As I mentioned earlier the romance in the movie was just horrible! Would you carry a torch for 4 years for a person who humiliated and dumped you as you proposed to them and still act like a bumbling idiot around them? Would you leave behind everything you love to be with that person even though you have nothing in common? The whole thing was just preposterous! The way 2 rival boyfriends pursue the girl reminded me of any teeny-bop movie where the nerd takes on the jock. Yes, that really happens between 2 men in a major urban area (Boston) *eyerolls*

In conclusion, save your money and pass this stinko by. I'm not sure if it would even be worth a Netflix rent in a few months.
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