Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

More Nature Rambling

I have been fascinated by the concept of The Death Zone ever since I read that article that was posted on my FL a little while back concerning climbers on Mt Everest. Basically around 26,000' there is not enough oxygen in the atmosphere to sustain human life for very long. Your body can never acclimate to those O2 levels. You WILL die.

In one of my frequent contemplative moments on walkies, I looked up and saw a jet flying overhead. That's not surprising since 2 major E-W air routes cross right over ABQ. I could see the plane very clearly. It was probably flying at 30,000'+. I know on all of the planes I have ever flown that while you can't see people at that altitude, you can definitely make out buildings and even cars. There's really not much space between you and the ground, maybe 5 miles. Heck, Fur Central to the top of the Sandia Mts to the east, clearly visible from the back yard, is 12 miles away. So within this narrow little band, especially when compared with other distances we routinely travel, is what sustains 99% of the life on this blue planet. To me that is utterly amazing! I have also been fascinated with scientific articles on just how lucky we earthlings are that the planet ended up where it did in terms of sustaining life as we know it. A little closer and it would be too hot. A little farther out, and we would be too cold. Add in the rotation and that marvelous veneer of atmosphere, and *POOF!* LIFE! I guess it would be easier to just say that the Magic Sky Man did all the *POOF*ing.
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