Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Flight Pics

I finally got the pics from Thursday's flight uploaded into LJ. So here they are.

This is the Rio Nambe Basin looking W/NW from near the top of the Sangre de Cristos. It was hit very hard by the Pacheco Fire. Our small reservoir is barely visible near the upper left corner.

Looking up the Nambe Valley just up from the reservoir.

Close up of some of the devastation.

Nambe Falls Reservoir. You can see some of the ash that was deposited in a flash flood earlier in the week. Our crews are constructing settlement ponds to help if there is another flood.

Looking W up Santa Clara Canyon. This was the area that got hit by the Los Conchas Fire, the largest fire in the State's history.

Cochiti Reservoir. A Corps reservoir on the Rio Grande built to protect ABQ from floods. A lot of the burn area for the Los Conchas Fire is in the basin above the reservoir.

Something for czar_wolfhound. The Puye Cliff Dwellings on the Santa Clara Pueblo. I would love to take a tour of them (I hadn't even known they existed until the flight!) but I see that the Indians charge $35 for the privilege. Thanks, but I'll just go to Chaco.

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