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My dinner with Camstone

Well, the fursuiting yesterday went very well. I helped deliver Christmas gifts to a local Head Start center where our secretary's mother works. I first went into a room of preschoolers. One little girl immediately freaked out and started crying. Most of the kids came over for hugs and a few clung to me like a giant plushie. Here's a piccie of the event.

I then went to a room with younger kids. I had a bad feeling about that, and I was right. Most were at the age where big fuzzy animals would freak them out. Only one little boy came over to talk to me and show me a picture of a bear in his new book. There was much crying otherwise.

After my fursuiting gig I returned home and took Anubis for his walk. I had not been able to get a hold of camstone on his cell phone. I got online to see if he had made an LJ post from his hotel. I was pounced by many people wanting to chat. Fortunately avenginglioness told me that Cam had just posted a reply to my last post. He posted that he was just about to call me. Sure enough, 5 minutes later, my phone rings. We decided to meet at Kelly's, a local brewpub and one of my personal favorites. I had also been chatting with furrysparkles and he agreed to meet us there. It was wonderful to sit back and yerf for a few hours about a whole host of topics from ALF, to Anthrocon, to nuclear weapons. Once again, if anyone is passing through New Mexico and is in need of shelter or wanting a relaxing night out, be sure to give me a call. I hope hunter_deer will be taking me up on that offer in the near future.

We concluded the evening with a photo which I hope makes it to Cam's LJ when he returns home. We all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I was riding a furry high when I received a very odd voicemail on my cell from dexter_fox. I returned his call after I returned home. We had one of the most intense, interesting, and introspective conversations we have ever had. The content is still rolling around my head, and I might post something about it later. I want to see how things play out first.

And now I am off to play Santa, Bear, or Santa Bear for our office lunch.
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