Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Pickle Panic

I think I have written in LJ that I sometimes have what I call panic attacks in the middle of the night. So as not to offend anyone who suffers from actual panic attacks, I think I will coin the phrase "restless brain syndrome." It usually strikes around 1-2am. I will get this thought in my head and I can just not shake it. I will then lay in bed for an hour or 2 trying to get my mind off of the subject. Finally it will leave and I will fall back to sleep. Last night's subject was pickles. I had just harvested almost 20 cucumbers from the garden and decided that I should make sweet pickles some time this week. That thought collided with thoughts of the cruise and all of the packing that I had to do. Oh no! I will not have any time to make pickles! What will I do?!? Seriously! This thought plagued my brain for over an hour! I finally got back to sleep. When I woke up before 6 my head was all nice and clear. Kitty has choir practice tonight. Perfect! I will put on some tunes and make 5-6 quarts of tasty pickles! It will be fun! WTF was I worrying about last night?!?

P.S. I have also been driving Kitty nuts lately because I have been doing my usual plotting for worst case scenarios when it comes to the cruise. What if we miss the plane? What if someone doesn't show up? How will we all meet? Etc etc. She wants me to just chill the "F" out and relax. I will relax when I'm on the ship with a drink in my paw.
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