Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

10 To Go

I noticed that yesterday was an anniversary for me. I have now officially been working for the gubmint for 20 years. I have 18 full-time years and a total of 2 part-time. I have made it very clear that I don't plan on spending one day more working than I have to. I have been squirreling away money for those 20 years, and I plan on retiring with a nice nest egg. Hopefully I'll have enough to do what I have always wanted to a bum.

I hope to get a copy of "Into the Wild" at the library today. The book was made into a movie several years ago. It's the tale of a recent college grad who gives up everything for a life on the road. He eventually winds up in Alaska, just north of Denali, where his lack of outdoors skills eventually cause him to starve to death. The movie claims he ate a poisonous plant, but according to Wikipedia no such toxic plant was found anywhere near there. Half the comments I have read about him say that he was a great free spirit who went to truly discover himself. The other half saw him as an irresponsible boob who recklessly threw himself into situations he was just lucky enough to survive. Well, except for his last "adventure" where nature can be pretty unforgiving.

I want to do what he did but only with a safety net. I know that not having support is supposed to be part of the adventure, but I think that you can still discover yourself and not put yourself in any unforeseen danger. It would be awesome to walk into the wilderness for a few months, but I would want all of the necessary provisions to make such a trip possible. Sure, you can prove to yourself that you CAN survive with a knife and a piece of string, but the consequences of screwing up could, and probably would, be fatal. No thanks. So I feel like Samuel L at the end of "Pulp Fiction." "I wanna walk the Earth." "You mean you want to be a bum."
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