Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Here We Go!

Things are going to start getting fast and furious starting today. I had a nice work rant written in my head, but then I thought that vacation starts tomorrow, so who the hell cares?!? There are a few train wrecks on the horizon and I hope to be far away when the collisions happen. A co-worker is also out of commission due to some sort of illness, so the division could be very short-handed next week. *LOL* Either they will see how valuable we really are or they will do something stupid like making sure more people are cross-trained on every aspect of river operations. Great. Jack of all trades...master of none.

Anyway...Mom arrives this evening. Sis and bro-in-law drive in tomorrow morning. While we're flying up to Vancouver, Al & Dex will already be up there with Q arriving just before us. And then the fun will begin!

I'm feeling a little better about the weather forecast as well. Perhaps the low pressure system will get there a little earlier. Instead of Ketchican being a wash out, it might only be a little rainy. *crosses claws* Things look very good for Skagway and Glacier Bay a few days later. It will probably be a lot like experiences I have had when visiting the Pacific NW. It took several trips to finally see Mt Rainier or Mt St Helens. The weather wasn't awful, but huge sweeping vistas were hampered by low clouds and gloom. Such is the nature of the beast.
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