Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Moments of a Lifetime

I'm taking a little break to do a quick LJ update. I'm here at the McKinley Wilderness Lodge, and the weather has turned back to crappy after a truly epic day.

Yesterday will easily go up there on the list of "Best Days of My Life." It started with crystal clear skies. That was a good sign. Sure enough, Denali was out in all of her glory. It was only a 2 hour bus ride down from the previous lodge. We started to wonder "what should we do today?" I thought the lodge was on the outskirts of Talkeetna, but we were actually an hour away. They were charging $10 for a shuttle into town. Hmmm. What to do? I went to the tour desk and saw that they offered a flightseeing tour which included a landing on a glacier. Let's just say that the cost was comparable to a RT ticket between ABQ and Chicago. I thought about it for a minute and then whipped out the credit card. BEST $300 I HAVE EVER SPENT!!!

The flight was nothing short of spectacular! We had a very experienced bush pilot who zigzaged around towering peaks. The scale and vastness were unbelievable. We were flying around 10,000' and Denali and her sister peaks STILL towered high above us. Glacial ice was EVERYWHERE! We came so close to 3000' vertical cliffs that I thought our wing tip would touch it. The exclamation point came when we circled a large snowfield and swooped in for a landing. We all hopped out of the plane and enjoyed a snowball fight. Scritch plopped himself down and made a snow Cthulhu. Soon we hopped back into the plane and were off again. It was just under 2 hours of bliss. I have taken a few glacial geology courses in my life, but to actually see the ongoing processes was unbelievable.

The day continued with its awesomeness as we went into Talkeetna and enjoyed a caribou burger and a couple pitchers of microbrew. The Sun was shining brilliantly and temps were in the 60's. It was a textbook definition of perfect.


What could possibly make this day any more awesome?!? FURSUITING! Scritch and I got into suit back at the lodge to get a few pics with Denali in the background. It should be no surprise that we were soon mobbed for pics. Older people love fursuiters as much as kids! Soon the assistant lodge manager came out to see what was going on. He saw how much people were enjoying us that he gave us his blessing to keep on performing and actually come into the lodge to entertain folks there as well. The head of security was also there and he had a huge smile on his face. We posed for pics with guests and staff alike. In fact as I'm sitting here typing this I can overhear some of the staff talking about us and how wonderful it was. The manager was disappointed that we didn't live close by because he wanted to hire us as a regular gig. *lol*

I have a ton of pics to go through, so I will just leave you with one from our flight. More to come!

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