Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Alaska Travelogue -- Day 5

I'll just post about one day today. This report is about Skagway. Of all the ports of call, Skagway had the most interest to me. I find the Yukon gold rush extremely fascinating. Add to the fact that railroading also played an important part in the town's history and you have a Bear's full attention.

There was a little drama at the start of the day when we found out that albear and dexter_fox had booked a slightly different train tour. That meant that all 9 of us would not be on the same train as planned. It all worked out, however, because they got to see some cool stuff that we didn't. The good news for the day was that Q was allowed out of quarantine so he could join us. We also had a hard time keeping tabs on Mom, but she was good and met us on the bus like she was supposed to.

The weather was once again craptacular. There was a dense low fog which kept visibility to near zero as the train made it's way up to White Pass. Finally the clouds started to break the further away from the coast we got. We had a tasty lunch at Bennett Lake, BC before proceeding to Carcross, Yukon Territory. By the end of the day we actually had a little sunshine which cheered everyone's mood. We then took a bus back to Skagway and the gloom that hung over the coast. It was quite late in the afternoon when we returned, but we weren't due to set sail until after 8. We decided that we had just enough time to pull off some guerrilla fursuiting. You see, there is an old historic saloon in town named "The Mascot." How could you not want a pic in front of that while in suit?!? Scritch and I quickly suited up and headed off the ship, briefly popping our tops to get through security. There is a shuttle bus that will take you the 0.5 to 1 mile ride into town for $5. When the bus driver saw us, he let us ride for free. We quickly got our pics at the saloon, and of course we were immediately swamped with requests for pics. We made our way down the main street looking for the shuttle. I decided that since it was cool and breezy outside we might as well just walk back to the ship. It was quite the walk, but we made it back in time. The ship staff got a huge kick out of us as we made our way back on board and back to the room. And or it didn't happen!
Let's start with the good stuff first!

The wonderful weather conditions for the day

Bennett Lake

Mom, Kitty, Sis, Me, Scritch, Bro-in-law

Bennett Lake from the other side

Downtown Skagway. I have a pic from the early 1900's taken from very near this spot. I need to post that someday.

Do I hate ya? You betcha!

More proof that we actually fursuited Skagway

Tiny critters. Big ship.

A pic easily taken when most everyone was already back on the ship.

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