Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Meeting Sabot in Alaska

There was never a doubt that I would drag along a fursuit to Alaska. The big question was which one to bring. Sabot was the logical choice since brown bears are ubiquitous with Alaska. I was a bit concerned, however, because I thought I had seen a pic somewhere on the Net of a Marylen brown bear fursuit that was associated with either a cruise line or a port of call. Such is the fate of owning an off-the-rack suit. I didn't want to cause any drama/confusion by wearing the same suit. That's why it was Nevada that accompanied me instead of Sabot. It turns out that it was a good move.

The cruise lines are always trying to separate you from your money. One money-making scheme/scam is to constantly have someone taking your picture or videoing you. Then they sell you the pics or the souvenir video. At every port of call they had some mascot character waiting at the gang plank. You would quickly pose with that character and be on your way. Later you would see your pic in the gallery and, of course, be so thrilled that your just HAD to buy it. In Juneau I was shocked/happy to see that Sabot was waiting for us to disembark. I had been right! There was another Marylen brown bear running around! The only difference was that the "performer" used spats instead of the Marylen "duck" paws. I gave him/her a hug and went off for our daily adventure. Kitty later went to the gallery and bought the pic for me. I like the added touch of the salmon in the muzzle. I have to start my giant salmon schtick again. Notice that the suiter also suffered from "Marylen Eye Syndrome." Flash photography and the Marylen mesh eyes are a bad combination. That's why I have fabric behind my eyes. Oh yeah, the moose is cute too!

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