Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Fun in the Field

A few months ago I think I posted about trying to take on a project that would get me out of the office quite a bit and actually allow me to do some science. The project then got caught up in all sorts of political BS including my own boss wondering if I could be spared 25% of the time. *facepaws* Of course that was a Catch-22 for me because if I said "Yes! I have the time!" that would mean I am being underutilized which means more garbage work could be dumped on me.

Emails flew in every direction as people wondered about the cost/value of the study. Meanwhile our contracting department went full steam ahead and issued an expensive contract to continue the work. Rather than having me do the study, I was relegated to the position of contracting representative. Actually, this works out very well. I am essentially getting paid to watch someone else work. That's not exactly true *lol* but close. Some of the questions everyone had when the project was being bantered about were "where were the study locations and what types of instruments are already out there? What is the condition of those instruments?" The only way to find out was to actually go out and look at them. That's exactly what I am now doing!

Most of the instruments are recording pressure transducers in shallow wells. Data have to be downloaded from them and batteries replaced when possible. Seeing as there are well over 100 wells, this will take some time. But I get my tail out into the field! I joked with a co-worker today that I had this strange feeling of job satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. It was such a foreign concept! I haven't felt that in years!
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