Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Busy Bear

OMG! A whole week without a post! I must be sick or something! *lol* Actually I have just been really busy at work with that project I had mentioned earlier. Being out in the field all or even half of the day certainly makes the time fly! I'm lovin' it! Yesterday I was at a site not too far from home. I drove my own vehicle, so instead of getting back to the office late and dealing with a later commute, I was able to just scoot on home in about 5 minutes. Sweet!

Not a whole bunch else has been happening. There was a nice party on Saturday to celebrate Spocktoberfest, a mash-up of Star Trek and Oktoberfest. I made a tasty polish sausage/sauerkraut/Swiss cheese/noodle casserole. I also drank my fill of tasty German beer.

Balloon Fiesta has started here in ABQ. On Sunday I had heard on the news that the wind was blowing the balloons to the west, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and Mesa and headed up the mesa to see. While most of the balloons were too far off to really enjoy them (and they were heading more NW as opposed to W) I still had a nice moment sitting in the bright sun with nice cool temps, a hot cup of coffee, a sky full of balloons in the distance, and a needy dog demanding his pets.

We'll be having lots of houseguests in the next few days. There is a furmeet on Friday night and guerrilla fursuiting on Saturday. Hooray for having a life!
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