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A Weekend of Awesome and Win!

It's weekends like this that make me appreciate the fact that I have a life, I have wonderful friends, I have the ways and means to enjoy myself like I do, and that even though I may have had rough patches when I was getting started in life, I have arrived here at an incredible place.

The last post was a bit of a downer. I should have mentioned that I took Friday off from work and Monday is a holiday, so it was a 4-day weekend. That in itself was pretty great. Even though Friday got off to a rocky start, we managed to salvage the day and end up with a helluva good time. chucklemagne and thechick were still visiting and invited us to a local winery. I was a bit skeptical because NM is not noted for it's wine, but they assured me that it was pretty darn tasty. We stopped at the supermarket and picked up some bread, gourmet cheese, and salami. The winery was in an area that I pass frequently, but had no idea it was there. What impressed me was that they actually had a vineyard! It seems that a few of the wineries in the area import their grapes from elsewhere, but this place actually grew their own! The wine WAS extremely good. The facilities would rival anything we saw in Napa earlier in the year. It was just so pleasant drinking a few bottles of wine in their garden while nomming excellent food with great company.

It was then time to head back to FurCentral and prepare for the evening's furmeet. It was something I just sort of threw together a few weeks ago since many furs have partied with Chuck and Rachael when they lived in ABQ. silveronewunny will also be leaving the state in a few weeks, so it would be the last time for awhile before she would be able to see the locals again. I was expecting about 20 people to show up. We ended up with 57! Holy shit! It was almost as popular as AlbuFURque! Much pizza was consumed and I downed my fair share of PBR. I was wearing my dragon sleeper for most of the night. At one point I made an attempt to head off to bed and stumbled on the stairs. I was quickly dubbed "Stumbles the Stairs Dragon." I was pretty out of it by evening's end.

There was no time for a hangover, however, because I was up at 5 to make another attempt to go to Balloon Fiesta. This time things went off without a hitch. Park-n-ride was awesome. I guess a lot of people adopted a wait-and-see attitude, so traffic and crowds were light. I guess the news got out that there WOULD be a mass ascension and soon the park was jammed with people. There was a slight delay, but soon hundreds of hot air balloons launched into the sky. It's always an impressive sight! We hung out for a few hours and then headed back home. The day was just getting started! A group of us headed down to Old Town to fursuit. We did the same thing last year and it was a ton of fun. Pretty much the same thing could be said for this year. There were 6 of us in suit and the plaza was full of tourists. Like last year the Events Coordinator was there and was very pleased to have us there. We were offered 3 more gigs before the end of the year! Woohoo! The vibe was just so friendly and positive. Old and young alike wanted pics and hugs from all of the critters. snapcat did a fantastic job on Joe's snow leopard suit. Ladies were all over him during the day *lol* After the suiting I was in such a euphoric mood I treated everyone for lunch at one of my favorite NM restaurants.

The day could have ended right there on a high note, but there was one last cherry to top things off. alexanderkatz just happened to be in town for a memorial service for his uncle who had died earlier in the year. scritchwuff had just come back into town for a business trip, so we all got together for a dinner/snack at a local brew pub. While sitting there with friends enjoying beer and companionship, I started formulating the opening statement to the post. It was just such a perfect day. I went to bed that evening with that glow of loving and being loved. Today is a total chill and recover day. There is also that calming feeling that I have yet another day of relaxation before heading back to work. *bliss*

How about some pics! I got plenty of them!
Our group posing with a couple of tourists

Pepe balloon

Hornet balloon

Sugar Bear

Something for plushlover Airabelle the Creamland Dairy Cow. I couldn't believe all of the seams came together right at that point and in such a manner.

"Generic" balloon shot. Pretty much the whole sky looked like this.

Where else would a cat hang out?

The Native dancers wanted so badly to get their pics with us. They especially loved me because they were from the Bear Clan.

We took this pic last year as well, but it's just too cute to pass up.

More fun with tourists

We also had fun with four-legged tourists as well
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