Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Boot, Fling, and Yoink

A few years ago I was joking with Kitty that if we ever got 3 cats, we should name them Boot, Fling, and Yoink. We used those words with Skookum all of the time. Whenever she got underfoot, we would go "Boot!" and gently kick her in the behind. If she walked by and we wanted kitty snugs, we would say "Yoink!" and pick her up. If she pounced us in the middle of the night and woke us up, she would hear "Fling!" before she found herself flying off of the bed. Today we decided that the house was just missing a kitty for too long now. So we headed off to the local shelter.

I told Kitty that we would eventually have a cat or cats in the house again. I just wanted some time to pass since Skookum went missing. I also told her that a situation would eventually arise where we could easily have felines back at FurCentral. We just had to give it time. Today was the day.

We had heard on the news that all of the local shelters were overflowing with cats/kittens. They were making all sorts of special deals for people to adopt. When I heard that adoption fees were cut in half, I decided that now was the time. There were all sorts of nice kitties to be had. Kitty instantly fell in love with an orange tabby that went boneless in her arms when she held it. I was attracted to a dilute tortie that turned up the purr speaker to 11 when I gave her a skritch. There was a grey tabby right below the orange cat that was craving attention. When we got it out of its cage it turned on the charm. It was such a snug bug. We had our 3 cats.

We found out that the orange cat, now named Yoink, had not been neutered. We would have to wait until Wed before we could pick him up. The tortie, which was now named Fling, is an incredibly affectionate cat. It just wants to be held and skritched. The grey tabby, Boot, is a complete and total handful. He spends all of his time pouncing his poor step-sister who just wants to chill out. He is an absolute trouble maker. I have a feeling we're going to have to introduce him to Mesa who will put him in his place. We found out that he was brought to the shelter with a broken back leg. He has spent most of his young life in a hospital. Trust me! He shows no signs of any sort of handicap! We'll see how things go when Yoink shows up on Wed. Right now the 2 are confined to the downstairs bedroom and bathroom. That doesn't give Fling too much room to escape her brother. I'm hoping Boot will fit in as more of an outside cat. The way he plays I'm sure that no bird, lizard, mouse, or chipmunk will stand a chance. Oh, and the cost for all 3 kitties which included shots, microchips, and "fixing"...$60!



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