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Fleas Navidad

Well, it's Christmas Eve Day and I'm sitting here at my desk trying to get motivated to get a year-end report started. Yeah, right. The powers that be gave us 3 hours off, so I will be leaving at noon. I have the "Nutcracker Suite" cranked on my cd player. It's been an annual tradition with me since about 1992 to play it at the office on Christmas Eve. I just got off the phone with albear to wish him a merry Xmas. I just wish I was there with him so he wouldn't have to be alone over the holidays. That sucks donkey. I am expecting a visit from wyldside who is driving up from TX tonight. Yay! I won't be alone. Next year we should plan a furry gathering in someplace like Las Vegas for everyone not going home to visit family.

In conclusion.....Super furry friendly warm loving bear hugs from me.
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