Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Happy Halloween!

Here we are! Halloween night! When a fur can be a fur and not get a second glance. *lol* We actually had to shut our doors early this year. I bought a big bag of candy at Costco last week, but much of it was consumed at the furmeet on Saturday. After the forty-something trick-or-treaters, we were done. I was dressed in Bad Bunny. I think I traumatized a little boy who was probably two or three. He just stood there with his mouth open as a big pink bunny put a candy bar in his bag. I then wished him a happy Easter. I love messin' with young minds!

The big event for me, however, was Saturday in Old Town when we were asked by the City to perform. It was great fun! We had 8 suiters working the crowd and just about an equal number of handlers keeping us all safe. We entertained for about 2 hours and then it was off to Fur Central for a furmeet. We ended up with just over 40 in attendance. What a day!

A few classic moments for me while fursuiting Old Town included jumping up in "stage" when a dance troupe was trying to teach little kids the moves from "Thriller." I thought I heard, "We should get one of the mascots up here." That was all the incentive I needed! It was time to ham it up (and not step on any of the little kids who were now mesmerized by the dancing bear). The other great moment was when I became a plushie. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company has a large stuffed bear on a bench outside of their store. I sat right next to it and remained as motionless as possible. It didn't take long before someone walked up and started poking me to see if I was another plushie. When I growled and jumped at them, they let out a wonderful scream. This happened a few times. *lol* And!

The whole gang

Everyone but me

Everyone but Zip
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