Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Garden Tally

Here's what the garden produced this year:

Zucchini: 20. Not a great haul. Squash bugs and a malfunctioning sprinkler while we were in Alaska wreaked havoc on the poor zuke.

Tomato: 199. Not a bad haul for 6 plants. Unfortunately most were small, salad-sized. Next year I'm going to forget the 6-pack variety and just get nice big beefsteak.

Eggplant: 12. Sort of a disappointment for 4 plants. I have a feeling a critter ate quite a few before I could get to them.

Green pepper: 20. Most of these were harvested a couple of days ago from 4 plants. They just weren't that prolific. I think they needed more water.

Green chile: 44. The number is a little deceiving. I had to throw out quite a few because they went bad before I could roast them. Many of the ones I roasted didn't survive the process. There just wasn't enough "meat" on them. When I peeled them, they literally fell apart.

Jalapeno: 195. From 4 plants. Most were fairly small. I managed to pickle many of them.

Yellow hot peppers: 249 from 4 plants. These guys did VERY well. One plant was almost a small bush. Quite a few got tossed due to going bad too quickly. Many did, however, get pickled.

Cucumber: Drumroll please! 253! Trust me! That's a heck of a lot of cucumbers! I had to buy quite a few canning jars! Our cabinets are full of pickles! Last night I did the last batch. I think I had 8 plants, but there might have been multiple seedlings in the 8 spots of the little trays I bought. Needless to say, we will be buying only 1 tray next year. They also seemed to really love climbing up the Mesa-proof fence. I must develop a nice trellis for them for next year.
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