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Back in the Saddle

I thought I had better make a post before my fanbois started going into withdrawals *giggle*. I'm sorry I haven't posted, but with a houseguest, I didn't feel right abandoning him to make an update.

I spent the entire weekend with Darien Fox a.k.a. wyldside. It was a nice mellow holiday with nothing special really happening. I probably put on 10 lbs. just eating and eating and eating. I introduced Darien to some Albuquerque traditions such as Sadie's restaurant and Blake's Lottaburger. We also hit the Great Wall Chinese Buffet on Saturday. For Christmas dinner I was going to cook steaks on the grill, but I had run out of propane. What would Hank Hill have said?!?!

Darien and I spent most of the time just watching the tube and yerfing. We did get a few kinks out *ahem* and if you want pix, you have to ask nicely. I did buy a great Hawaiian shirt for Nevada, so I will be sytlin' at FC!

I also got a surprise visit from furitz yesterday. He's in town visiting his family. I gave him a fursuit fashion show, and much fursuit snuggling ensued.

So now I am back at work and ready to get back into the routine, at least for a few days. I had planned on driving down to Yuma for the 1st, but I really don't want to drive. I want to save my energy for FC. BTW, it was 10 degrees F this morning, the coldest it's been in ABQ in over 10 years. I put albear's Xmas gift to me, a beautiful warm leather jacket, to use this morning.
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