Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Doggie Dash and Dawdle '11

On Sunday I attended (and fursuited) my 9th Doggie Dash and Dawdle which is put on by Animal Humane on New Mexico. It's one of my favorite gigs because it's a challenge interacting with dogs and it's an event I'm actually asked to perform at and my being there is highly appreciated. That's always a great thing for a suiter! The event seemed huge this year. They added a ton more vendors and the people came out in droves. We also responded by having 3 suiters, one more than in previous years. Speaking of previous years, I watched the promotional video for the event and saw that we made it in! (for a few seconds)

This year we posed for a pic which might be used in "Desert Dog" magazine. The other great news was that one of the vendors asked if we were interested in a paying gig. Zing! It looks like we'll be putting in a few hours in suit this weekend for $$$. And!

Frost Husky and the Huskies.

Posing with a future furry


The person from the wolf and coyote hybrid shelter really liked us and let us pose with their ambassadors

Zuni and Mesa

Zuni and Mesa on the Dawdle. Once again there were constant comments of, "Look! A dog walking a dog!"
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