Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


I just spent 2 nice days up in the booming metropolis of Chama, NM. There was going to be a tour of our dams for a few of the new folks in the office, one being the new 2nd in charge, so I was asked to tag along and provide insight into water operations. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the snow from several days ago had still hung around. That made the surrounding mountains that much more pretty. It's always a fun time to be able to run around the guts of a dam. It's stuff few people ever get a chance to do. Imagine taking a 3-person elevator over 26 floors down into the bowels of a dam. You definitely can't be claustrophobic!

So I schmoozed with the new manager and pointed out all of the stuff that goes into making a river/reservoir system function smoothly. I also showed how I can make a command decision on the fly when I was asked to lower the water level behind a dam a couple of feet by early next week. It's just all part of the job.
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