Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Tree Lighting Fursuiting

AlbuFURque is getting more and more legit! We were asked by the City to perform at the annual tree lighting ceremony scheduled for tonight. We were given permits to park in the "performers lot" which included free shuttle service right to the edge of the Plaza. Once we hit the Plaza we were pounced for numerous pictures. The person in charge who invited us asked if we would be Santa's escort to the tree. Heck yeah! They had the base of the tree cordoned off, but we were allowed full access. A local weatherman was the event's MC and at one point he shouted down to us who we were. Our handlers shouted out "Albufurque!" and he announced us. We hung out with Santa and passed out hugs and high 4's to the kids around the tree area. After the tree was lit we accompanied Santa in leading the "parade" around the Plaza to the Christmas Village where Santa would meet and greet the kids. Kitty talked with Santa at various points and he seemed to really like having us around. After we safely escorted him to his post, we hit the Plaza for more photo ops. It was then a quick shuttle ride back to the vehicles. To add to the festive mood, it started to snow. It was truly an awesome event.
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