Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Blurring the Line

Most people in the fandom seem to have this rule/feeling that unless you're a professional mascot, don't mix furry with work. Even if you're in the Biz you're not supposed to mention the "F" word. I, on the other paw, freely talk about furry around the office if the subject comes up. It's actually kind of fun because people then tend to send me funny bear pics or stories about mascots. I decided to up the ante a bit today.

Every month our division has a meeting. Usually the manager tells us all about higher level stuff that might be coming our way. Each of us talks about projects we are working on. To start things off, however, there is always a safety presentation. Each of us has a particular month when we make a brief presentation about some safety topic. Usually it's some tip about driving or dealing with outside hazard such as heat, insects, diseases, etc. Today was my turn. Since it was going to be the last meeting of the year and we were going to combine it with a small Christmas party, I decided to keep things light. My topic was mascot safety. I even wore Otto Otter. I passed out an information sheet that I had found online from the Virginia Occupational Health and Safety page, if you can believe it. I let people try on the head to see how vision and hearing are restricted. It was like doing a panel at a furry con. So who says you can't have a bit of furry fun at work!
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