Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

State of the Bear

Not much going on in the life of the bear. Soon after my last post in the SLC airport my hard drive started making that sickening clicking noise. Yes, Jim. It's dead. Fortunately there was an identical laptop at home. I swapped out the hard drives and continued. Win-doh's then proceeded to do 38 updates since the old hard drive hadn't been used in months. During the update process I got the blue screen of death. D'oh! It gave me one option, re-format the drive and re-install the backed up version. Something was f'd up because it became very buggy. So I installed Windows 7 from a disc that Kitty had lying around. So far so good.

We had our "blizzard" yesterday. I guess the eastern part of the state got hit pretty hard. We had mostly rain. Fortunately it changed over to snow just as I got home. I ended up taking a nice Wintery walk with Mesa. I love walking in a snowstorm!

I guess I should also mention that I had a great time at our annual Christmas furmeet. Many thanks to scritchwuff for hosting this year. I was happy to see a few new furs show up and seem to have a really good time. Yay! That's what it's all about! There will be a New Years Eve party at Furcentral. Looking forward to some good old fashioned drunken debauchery.

New icon yoinked from the comic strip "Big Top."
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