Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Merry Christmas!

Last night we did the "traditional" fursuiting on the Plaza. This year it was only myself and scritchwuff in suit. I had a marginally good time because I had been having knee problems over the past couple of weeks and I really aggravated the conditions on the walk from the vehicle to the Plaza. I was unable to kneel down to hug the really little kids. Walking around the Plaza meeting and greeting the crowds who had come to see the Christmas lights was a painful exercise. If this is the taste of things to come as I get older, just shoot me now.

After about 2 hours of suiting Kitty, Scritch, deviantvixen and myself returned to Fur Central for pizza and "It's a Wonderful Life." It was a nice way to spend Xmas eve.

This morning I upheld another new tradition with the watching of "A Christmas Story." I think the people who have been on my Friends list for awhile can guess what I was wearing while watching. HINT: Look at my icon.

Here's a pic from last night's activies.
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