Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Bridge to Somewhere

I am currently at The Domain enjoying Guatemalan beer with albear and dexter_fox. My drive across the Mojave was really beautiful today. Well, there was a disgusting haze over everything to the south of Barstow, but I really couldn't ask for better driving weather. I made a detour up to Hoover Dam to see the newly completed bridge over the Colorado River. It really is something to behold! I walked across the entire length which is 880' above the river. I had to go through a security checkpoint where they asked what I had in a few Rubbermaid containers. When I said, "a bear suit!" I was sent over to secondary inspection so that they could be opened. I had Pedobear's head outside of the critter coffins and when the guard saw it, she proclaimed, "Oh! What a cute bear!" Yes, I was *LMAO* on the inside.

It should be noted that when you drive across the bridge, you have no idea what you're driving over. There is no view of Hoover Dam nor do you have any sense that you are so high above the river. It's only by driving down towards the dam that you can experience the glory of this engineering marvel. There is a walkway leading from a parking lot to the bridge. You can then walk across the structure and gaze down into the depths of Boulder Canyon. The walkway was done very nicely although I can see it becoming a bottleneck during the busy tourist season. I must say that I have not felt such anticipation to getting a view in a long time. My heart was literally pounding when I rounded the corner and stepped out onto the bridge. I was there early enough that I essentially had the bridge to myself at one point. I then drove across the dam to get a few pics of the bridge in all of its glory. OK. I'll shut up and let you enjoy the pics.

Hoover Dam from the center of the bridge

The only way to see what you're standing on. I absolutely loved the composition of this shot!
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