Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

That's LA!

There's an inside joke that Kitty and I share with albear and dexter_fox. They started a thing where every time they see a shot of downtown Los Angeles on t.v. they say "That's LA!" We have adopted that to our own situation (although it's a lot less frequent). Whenever we see New Mexico in a movie or tv show e.g. "Breaking Bad," we always go, "That's ABQ!"

So today Al Bear and I climbed the Verdugo Mountains which are just to the north of Burbank. It was about a 1.5 mi hike up about 1,110' to the summit. Al had done it once before with Dex and it took them over 2 hours. With my slow-but-steady constant pace we made it to the top in just over an hour. It took about the same amount of time going back down due to the steepness of the trail, my aching knees, and Al's overall tiredness for pulling off such an awesome climb. So here are a few pics from the summit. The smog wasn't too bad, but definitely noticeable to the south. See! Furries CAN enjoy the great outdoors!

That's LA!

Proof that we both made it up!

Bob Hope (aka Burbank) Airport from the summit. It was fun to watch planes take off from our vantage point.
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