Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Heading Home

I've left San Jose and am now in Flagstaff. Sorry, Anjel, way too tired for a meet. That was a nice 720 mi drive. That's pretty close to my max. So here are my parting words on FC 2012...butt plug. *LOL* Inside joke! Haha! You don't get it! OK, the joke is that you play Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc" and replace "Ooo ooo" with "butt plug" and you have hilarity! That pretty much sums up FC 2012. Staying at the Hitlon was a fucking waste of time and money. It really ruined most of my con experience. The new venue needs some serious work in terms of providing a common "meet up area." I had some really good moments interspersed with lots of really shitty ones. I achieved a few moments of clarity such as, "Why am I trying to 'force fun' when doing so only makes me more depressed?" and "why can't I enjoy all of this on my own terms?"

I'm not sure if it says something about myself or the con in general when I say that the best moments are shared with just a few friends in a hotel room. There used to be a time when I gave a shit about the Criterlympics or the Variety Show. Not any more. Been there. Done that. I've had my views from the inside and outside. Perhaps it's more for the newbs who don't know people and need to make connections. Someone recently posted something to the effect that "I have nothing in common with the new furs!" Yeah. I feel that too. Let the young furs have their fun in their own way. I'm cool with that. On the drive today I started thinking about how I can better cater to the "established" furs or the furs that don't need to prove themselves to the community. The days of hosting open room parties to any and all may be coming to an end. How about parties that cater to a select few of like-minded people such as the greymuzzles or those that have been in the fandom for years and want to get away from all of the candy ravers and just talk about good old-fashioned anthropomorphics? I'm through with the days of being nice to anyone and everyone just because they're furry. I want to grow the community in my own neck of the woods, and have a good time with people I want to associate with. No more, "Oh! You have a fursuit and I have a fursuit! We're brothers! Only you like to pop your top in front of kids and your suit always seems to wear a pair of shorts. But your suit is cute! I MUST get to know you because of that fact!"

OK. Enough. Bear is nicely toasted and ready to get a good night's sleep. More ranting later. And get off of my lawn!
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