Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Hilton Update

I actually got a response from the San Jose Hilton after giving them some very negative feedback on a customer satisfaction survey they sent to me via email and a weblink. I talked with the housekeeping manager who is part of the a larger customer satisfaction team. She said her housekeeping staff had a lot of fun with the furries as people who are just getting used to American culture (i.e. immigrants) were confronted with things like fursuits. And furries get kudos from the staff for being very polite and friendly. I don't feel as if my concerns were fully understood as I picked up on a "We're Hilton! We would NEVER do THAT to guests! vibe." She tried to convince me that the "no alcohol" policy applied to every guest. As scritchwuff told me, a lot of business deals get discussed in hotel rooms and you can bet that there is a lot of top-shelf alcohol being served to clients in the rooms. *shrugs* She actually seemed shocked when I told her that I had a fear of the cleaning staff rifling through my garbage looking for evidence of alcohol use. I then explained that perhaps she now understood the level of paranoia the management instilled in us. So we shall see if anything more comes of this. I still have my letter to corporate that is still out there. Hopefully the con hotel liaison will be able to iron out a lot of issues for next year.
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